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Dr Logan Ketchum

Dr. Logan Ketchum

Dr. Logan Ketchum joined our practice in January 2019. Throughout her time as an athlete at Paw Paw high school, she struggled with constant foot pain. After getting no relief from doctors or custom foot orthotics, she decided to visit a chiropractor. After only a few visits, she was able to make it through the day with no pain at all. This led to Dr. Ketchum’s decision to become a chiropractor.

She earned her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science at Western Michigan University. Following graduation, she moved to Florida where she earned her doctorate at Palmer College of Chiropractic. While attending Palmer, she served as a Teaching Assistant and was actively involved in the Sports Council and community outreach clinics. Dr. Ketchum has completed the courses in McKenzie Methods, Mechanical Diagnosis & Therapy. She is anticipating taking the certification exam in 2021.

Dr. Ketchum has a passion for helping woman through their pregnancy and is certified in the Webster technique, a specific method used to assess pelvic, sacral, and soft tissue function in pregnant women. The technique is used to restore proper movement and ease muscle tension in order to help women experience an easier pregnancy.

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