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“I was in so much pain that as soon as I walked into a room I began looking for a place to sit down. Today I am an active mother who can stand in a room pain free! I have been to other chiropractors in the past, but your personal attention is unsurpassed. You and your entire staff make coming for an appointment stress-free and enjoyable. Thank you again for everything!” – Catherine K.

“I woke up and began to get out of my bed to get ready for work. As I sat up, I suddenly felt a terrible pain in my back. It took over twenty minutes just to make it to my bathroom. I called several chiropractors to find their schedules and rates, but found that I could not even get an appointment. I called my workplace to let them know I wouldn’t be in to work, and my manager suggested I call Dr. Leighia Wells. I called Dr. Wells and she agreed to see me early the next morning before I went to work. I filled out a patient information sheet and discussed my symptoms with her. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated her kind caring manner and her expertise.

Dr Wells does not treat her patients as if they were a number, but each as a human being who has value and feelings. I have in the past, and will in the future, refer friends, family, and acquaintances to her.” – Sandra K.

“I suffer from Fibromyalgia and headaches. I have had the headaches for 20+ years and have known about the Fibromyalgia since 1999. Over the years, I have seen numerous doctors and tried many different medications. There have been supplement treatments and dietary controls used to combat the issues. The medications that I take do a good job of “controlling” the pain but the problem is that the medications also control me. I panic if I think that I will not have enough migraine medicine for a period or if one of my prescriptions is late.

Dr. Wells has taught me that there are alternatives to use before I “lose” control to the medications. She teaches you to pay attention to you body and how to use specific stretches on a daily basis to help prevent the pain from starting. The stretches can also be used to ease the pain once is has started. It gives you a control that the medication does not allow.

The other important reason that I see Dr. Wells rather than any other chiropractor is that her goal is to make you better so that you do not have to continue to use her services on a weekly basis. I have been to chiropractors that make you feel like you will be going to see them for the rest of your life. I believe that she is a professional who operates with integrity and she is constantly improving herself and her practices so that you know you are receiving the best chiropractic service available.” – Tanya O.

“After the birth of my twins, I experienced great strains on my body recovering from a difficult pregnancy and meeting the demands of caring for two infants. My neck and upper back were particularly affected due to breastfeeding positions and lifting and carrying so much weight all day. After treatments with Dr.Wells I was able to function a lot better in the home and returned to a regular exercise regimen. I was virtually pain free after many months of agony and, because of Dr. Wells positive and supportive manner, I was able to feel good about myself. I like her demeanor in the office too because she is very upbeat, and ebullient and is never demanding like some other chiropractors I have visited.” – Karin C.

“I am amazed- simply amazed! When the pain in my lower back became nearly unbearable and radiated down both legs, it was time to find out what that was all about. Turns out there was a disc that was injured, allowing the nerve to be irritated with every step I took and often just with every move I made. The neurologist advised surgery to fuse the 2 offending vertebrae. A cousin advised me to see a chiropractor first. She’d had the same thing happening a few months back and found great relief from pain through her chiropractor in Florida . As luck would have it, I was saved from the random pick from the phone book, when a co-worker recommended Dr. Leighia Wells. So I took all that huge amount of pain and went to see her. The result were nothing less that phenomenal! She adjusted my back and gave me a simple exercise to do to ease the pain. It took a little time but the pain has subsided. Now I do several exercises to strengthen the muscles of my lower back-and they work!” – Gayle A.

“My association with Dr. Wells began approximately 4 years ago. At that time I was having difficulty with my mid to lower back, especially when I walked for more than 15 minutes at time. If I went shopping at the local mall, I would have to stop and rest because of the pain in my back. If I were preparing a large meal in my kitchen, I would eventually have intense back pain. I do not know exactly when this problem began but it had been with me at least 3 years before seeing Dr. Wells.

I also had a long time pain in my left shoulder and left hip. The hip problem was first noticeable after the birth of my third child. He is now 32 years old. I am sure the shoulder problem was approximately when he was10 years old.

I have never seen another doctor for any of these issues. If the pain from any of these issues arose, I simply stopped what I was doing until it eased or took some analgesic to ease the pain. I thought my pain was from normal wear and tear on my body. I had always assumed that my age and the fact that I had done very hard physical work as a younger person were the contributing factors. But I wasn’t really willing to accept the fact that I was becoming a decrepit old person when I was only in my 50’s.

Since seeing Dr. Wells on a regular basis, I am almost entirely pain free. I prefer chiropractic treatment as a hands-on treatment to a general practitioner. I know I had abused myself physically and wanted something more of a permanent cure than long-term pill use that would affect other parts of my body such as my stomach, etc.

Anyone that wants relief from similar pain should become a chiropractic patient. If your results are even close to mine, you will feel so much more alive and agile. I think a person can always get old if they live long enough, but I don’t personally see any need to hurry the process.

Another plus is to just know Dr. Wells. She is a warm, caring person that actually treats your whole body, not just your bones. Dr. Wells has spent time on my emotional issues as well as my physical complaints. She treats you as a complete person—not just specific areas. To sum it all up, she is truly a good and skilled doctor.” – Carol G.

“Last year I began experiencing lower back pain. During my first appointment with Dr. Wells, I was diagnosed and given an explanation of what was causing the pain. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone who wants to correct the condition rather than mask the pain. Treatment is non-invasive and you learn how to care for your body, not just treat the symptoms.” – Randy B.

“My poor posture began to catch up to me in the last few years. I was in constant nagging pain in my neck and lower back region. This is when I found chiropractic medicine. I plan to keep chiropractic a permanent part of my life. She has helped me tremendously just in the few weeks I have been seeing her. Thank you.” – Salman A.

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